News From Abbie Pack, Crowns & Gowns Event Coordinator

A message from Abbie Pack, Crowns & Gowns event coordinator and manager of Hirschfeld’s Prom Shoppe:

Our website is live and that means it is officially time to start getting ready for Crowns & Gowns 2019! You will notice our site has a totally new look, with easier access to all the information you need. For the next 2 months we will be working tirelessly on Crowns & Gowns because this is the year you don’t want to miss.

We have really been developing and improving everything about Crowns & Gowns for our 5th Anniversary. Every aspect of our event has been improved to help provide the best experience for all our guests and shoppers. Hirschfeld’s Prom Shoppe has really put in a lot of thought and effort to make sure the event this year is our best year yet! A lot has changed and developed and you can easily see those changes in our website. Each page has a section called “New & Improved for 2019!* - here you will find what we are doing this year to make your experience the best.

Our biggest and most exciting change for this year is the addition of Friday as a third shopping day. We decided to make this move to spread out the rush of girls coming to shop, and create a day dedicated to just appointments. Our appointment system in the past never worked well due to walk-in traffic, so this year we totally separated them. For 2019 the only day we are taking appointments for prom dress shopping is Friday. Saturday and Sunday we have moved to a reservation system to let girls come, bring their friends and enjoy a great day of Prom dress shopping. Be sure to read all the details about these changes and make your appointment or reservation on the “Appointments” page under the Prom World tab.

We truly want Crowns & Gowns to be an event every girl shopping for the perfect prom dress, or gearing up for her next pageant can enjoy. So, please reach out to us if there is something you think we can do to improve Crowns & Gowns. I love hearing from our customers, because without you this event would never happen. Email me at anytime at

The entire Crowns & Gowns Team, The Miss Nebraska Organization, The Prom Shoppe staff and Black Swan staff cannot wait to see you at Crowns & Gowns 2019!!

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